Size of lower Brass players


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i wonder if i'm an odd one out.

I play euph and to be quite frank am a bit of a short arse :D

I wonder if the saying its not the size but what you do with it comes into play here :twisted:


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Originally a Euph player who diversified - now play Troms and Tubas as desired @ 5'6" but you're right, there's not many of us.

Shortness is to be encouraged in this age when people are getting taller and taller - dare to be different!
I remember doing a concert with yorkshire co-op one time, I can't remember where but the bass section looked very odd with both E flat players being two big guys, first B flat, Andy, ain't small. but myself, playing second B flat was the smallest of the lot by a long way! measuring in at a huge high of 5'8" :lol:
You could barely see me behind the double B.

Rootus Maximus

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Gorgie boy said:
All this changed when tMPer Rootus Maximus joined our band last year. Single handedly he has managed to raise the average weight of our bass section by a fair wee bit!!!!!!!!

Your so cruel, i'm going to cry myself to sleep now!!

Seriously though, when I first started playing bass 5 or 6 years ago I was at least 6 stone smaller. My mum has a photo of me with my first bass and I was a rake. She likes to carry it about and show people that I wasn't always a Jabba the hut look-a-like!!

I was at Glasgow for the euros last weekend and I walked past a famous bass player in who looked like he could have picked me up and swallowed me in one go. That was bad!! I think I still have a few more Ulster Fries to go before then!!

Rootus Maximus


Being portly stout does not make for the best shape to be a bass player; [however I have some need to talk, but I am trying to the address the problem]. Nevertheless your lung capacity is what you are given, the only thing you can do is maximise the efficiency. With respect to being over weight, this does not assist in breathing or posture. Two good books to get hold of are: John Rigdeons' "How Brass Players Do It" and "The Physiology of Brass Playing". The only time size really matters is, having the physical capabilities, to be able to lift the instrument in the first place. :) :wink: