Sing, Sing, Sing


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I am trying to get hold of "Sing, Sing, Sing"by Louis Prima arranged for brass band by D.E. Twitchings. I know Leyland and Cory band have played the piece and I wonder if it is published or not. If it is published can anyone give me the contact-details of the publisher?If not has anyone the contact-details of D.E. Twitchings?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Gerry Procee


The Marl Freeh arrangement is excellent, have played it many times and is a real crowd pleaser!


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Have you tried contacting Corys or Leyland through their websites? I'm sure they'd be glad to help. :D

Dave Payn

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D.E.Twitchings' arrangements are usually published by Music for Brass Ltd. I can't see a website for them but their telephone number is

+44 (0) 1924 261154

Hope this helps


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Hello, I have done the Mark Freeh arrangement in the pasr and the Dave Twitchings one with Leyland. I have to say I prefer the Twitchings one, although both are good. Not sure about the state of play with the publishing. I can check tonight at band, or on the Masters CD from this year (we performed it in the gala concert) and get back to you as soon as possible if you don't find out from elsewhere.


Have to agree with Chris, the one i've played at Leyland is fantastic. The Mark Freeh arrangement is good too, although as i remember slightlymore challenging to sight-read!...

Okiedokie of Oz

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I know my band has 2 different arrangements. One, which was bought at the beginning of the year (so probably relatively new), has an arranger with a name that always escapes my mind.......I'll remember it.

The other was arranged by a former bandmaster as accompaniment to "Brass Razoo", a show-offy brass ensemble that came to town a few years back.


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Sing sing sing is an amazing piece and great fun to do. And a great excuse for percussionists to go mad (not that they don't already :wink: )


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Seedhouse said:
Sing sing sing is an amazing piece and great fun to do. And a great excuse for percussionists to go mad (not that they don't already :wink: )

:lol: True ... :D :roll:


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I think you will find that only four bands have the music for Dave Twitchings arrangement of Sing, Sing, Sing. Cory, Leyland, Jaguar (Coventry) Band and Rushden Band and all have had to get permission to play it. How do I know? Because it is me who got the arrangement for Leyland and Jags and me that has played it many, many times for both bands. And yes that is me on the Masters cd playing it live.

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