Sinfonietta horn music for home practice?


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Straight to the point:
Does anyone have any horn parts for Gordon Langford's Sinfonietta?
For that matter, what about Shipbuilders, Dimensions, Prelude and Fugue, All throught the night, David of the white rock, Contestor,
...or any other vintage pieces from the 80s?

I played with Rowntrees band in York back in the day...Listen to the Band, museum Gardens, opening the Jorvic Centre, plenty of Areas, marches...
Just wanna step back in time and swoon to some of the classics as I play along to recordings on You Tube at home. But I only know the cornet parts. Now I play horn it's all changed...

You'd make an old man (51) very happy if you could take a photo or a scan...
Cheers, folks!

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