Sold/Expired Silver Sovereign Round-Stamp Tenor Horn for sale

I need to sell my tenor horn and i wanted to see if anyone on here wanted it before I sold it to some randomton on Ebay.

I bought it for £1000 last year meaning to learn but I've not had time and I need to raise money for my MMus tuition fees.

As I got it second hand I don't know much about it but it was bought sometime in the 80s and used in a championship band before its owner died. The widow hadn't had it out since he died but I understand from a couple of RNCM students it plays very well. They are no longer in a position to buy it so I need to get rid somewhere else.

It's a Boosey and Hawkes Silver plated sovereign horn in excellent condition, save for a small scratch on the inside of the bell. I got it for £1000 but I'm willing to let it go for £900.

As I don't know much about horns in general please reply or drop me a PM if there's anything else anyone wants to know.

Forgot to mention that it comes with a Dennis Wick 3 mouthpiece and there is also a lyre that comes with it but a certain member of Black Dyke borrowed it for Whit Friday last year and hasn't given it back yet!


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