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James McFadyen

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For some reason, I have decided to write a suite for Solo Piano.

It's really a p*** take of contemporary music but still, admittedly, my own, more romantic and magical compositional style shines through. I'm gonna make a CD of the suite (intending to last between 30 - 40 mins) constructed of 8 contrasting movements. Unlike my usually style, I have decided to write the suite as Absolute Music, since I have no real reason or topic to write it on.

The suite is called AtomoSpheres.Below are the titles and descriptions of the 8 movements:

1. Harmonies of the South Pole (Anairy movement, with heavy sustained chords using bi-tonality)


2. Time and Peace (A romantic reflection of music)


3. Gravity (A heavy movement in the form of a Passacaglia)


4. Letters from Heaven (Lyrical and Magical)


5. From Hell (Nasty and dark, very brooding)


6. Concerto Grosso (the right hand part takes the role of the concertino and the left-hand takes the role of the ripieno – in the right hand, the two ‘soloists’ are separated into one playing only the white notes and the other only the black notes)


7. Prayer for Mankind (A beautiful chorale)


8. Epiphany (A magical and jazzy close to the album)

James McFadyen

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lol Thanx!!!

My reason for writing it is silly, I guess I'm writing it for my Uni auditions, just to show that I can write serious music, it's not gonna be totally abnormally serious, however!

I'm sending mainly Brass Band scores (Test pieces) which although show thematic development and serialist techniques of using note rows and bi-tonality, etc. I want somthing more radical and adventurous to go with it! :lol:

I've completed the first 2 movements, once it's finished i'll let you know.

I intend the CD to be priced at £4.00, that is if I get any sales :cry:


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Perhaps you could "scorch" it, and get our feedback!

It sounds like a really good idea! :!:

Naomi McFadyen

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no, it's not silly at all... far from it...
It would only be silly if you wrote a whole piano piece in which most of it was impossible to play :p
Good luck with it :)

Okiedokie of Oz

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You want silly??

My first year of uni, my girlfriend (a percussionist) decided after orchestra practice she was going to write a brass ensemble called "100 Violins."

"Why 100 Violins?" I stupidly asked
"Because I'll take 100 brass players, give them each a violing, and record them for 20 minutes doing whatever sadistical things they can!!!!!"

She did it, too, y'know.......much to the dismay of the head of the Music School (a Double Bass Player). She thought her students were above that instrumentist nonsense!


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