silent brass for horn?!?


righto, i'm off to uni in september (woopwoop!) and so want to buy a silentbrass system for my horn (dont think practicing my horn without one would go down too well in student accomodation ...)
Have had a look on the internet though, and i'm not really sure what i need! are there specific tenor horn models or will i need a trombone one?!
Got all confused looking at the websites i found! x


The Mike Mclean pp muste may be a much cheaper option if its a practise mute your after though.


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Eeeerrm, Vicki has a flugel/alto trombone one for her horn. :)

Ref No : SB6-9


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I use a normal trombone one, and its fine! (although makes you sound like a trom when listening through the headphones! ;-) )


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there is a silent brass for trombone on ebay at the mo. it states in the title its for trombone/ horn.
i bought mine off ebay at a cracking price!


Thanks guys! might have to give Foresyths a bell, and see which mute would be best from the ones mentioned, and see how it goes :) merci x


I bought a trombone mute for my baritone, and it is not a perfect fit.

If you can get to a real store (rather than e-bay or internet purchase) first to try out the trombone mute in a horn, you may save yourself a lot of bother.

The problem is that the mute is "cres. dim." in shape, and the maximum part (ff) fouls the baritone bell so that the microphone end (pp) does not fit tightly into the bell, and thus sounds escape.

Maybe your horn is better shaped, but it would be a great waste of money, nay student grant, if you bought something which upset your fellow hall residents. Beware! try it out first!


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Or, you could use a non-abrasive material (like tennis racket grip-tape or similar) to build up the diameter of the 'plug' that's supposed to fit snugly into the bell to prevent sound from escaping.
Get a Ssshhh mute rather than silent brass. They do a specific tenor horn one i think. My flatmate just got one and it must be good because i can never hear her! Plus i have a silent brass which i paid about 100 quid for and i never use the earphones anyway-too much hassle. I don't really like practicing with one in anyway as it's well heavy, so i just go into uni practice rooms.
Which uni are u going to? If you're close to the uni then do most of your practice there and then have a cheap mute for when you need to practice in your room :)


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Dawnys_flug said:
Get a Ssshhh mute rather than silent brass. They do a specific tenor horn one i think. My flatmate just got one and it must be good because i can never hear her!...

cheeky so-and-so! (goes round to dawns and hits her with her silent brass!!)
Seriously though, I've played with silent brass and with the Ssshhh mute, and not only is the latter cheaper, its also lighter and looks cool as well!

you wont regret it!

kelly k x
I would go for a Denis Wick bass trombone practice mute - it reduces the noise as much as the silent brass system and correct me if I'm wrong it may be cheaper???

A Denis Wick tenor trom mute is too small for a tenor horn and tends to make you sharp. I use a Denis Wick bass trom practice mute when I practice in my halls and it keeps my flat mates off my back!!!


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I've found the 'Don Maslet' trombone mutes to be very good and I think most prefer them to the Wick mutes. They are a good price and are small enough to be put in the bell whilst in the case. Try both the tenor and bass mutes to get the best fit for a horn though. You should be able to get them at most brass shops.

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