Sold/Expired Silent Brass for Cornet going spare anybody?


Going to Uni in September and to make me keep playing I think I should invest in a Silent Brass so I don't drive my flat mates mad!

I'll buy one but just thought I'd check here to see if anyone could make me a better, cheaper offer?


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Hi Ellin ... I believe Rach (aka Sparkly) was looking for one of these a little while ago - not sure how she got on. You might want to ask her ... :D

Be meeting you soon...


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silent brass for cornet

hi Elin,

I've got silent brass for cornet that i want to sell. I was going to put it up on ebay but havnt got round to it yet.
It's about 2 years old, I've used it no more than a handful of times, and its still in the box, works fine.
Don't know if you'd be interested, you may already have one by now!

My email is


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super_sop said:
forgive me for asking but what is one? and what does it do :oops:

Here you go... a few useful links...

... and an image...



I opted for a handmade practise mute in the end, I highly recommend it. It really kills the sound and it feels more 'real' when you play than with a silent brass. It has a plug in it which gives high resistance so when you practise you are also having to play fully thus improving your tone at the same time........magic!
:D I got myself a silent brass for cornet a few weeks ago, it was on sale at Yamaha for S$125 about 47GBP and I have to say it is the best thing I have bought in a long time, it means I can practice at anytime and make as many mistakes as I want without getting the oh my 'gosh' that was awful from my kids, I would recommend it to anyone who is limited for noise!!! :D


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it isnt exactley "silent" at all though...
you can still hear everything. just quieter...
its like an electric straight mute :)
:? I agree with you Nadia, but as I said and I quote;

"I would recommend it to anyone who is 'limited' for noise!"

Anyone in an apartment or student accommodation would find it a bonus I'm sure, you have to get used to the earphones but I didn't find it a problem. If you have small children and get home from work with only enough time to put them to bed, you can still have your practice without waking them. I was actually practising in the kitchen last night whilst making the tea and the kids were watching tv in the lounge and they didn't even know, brilliant!!!

:p :wink:

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