Sibelius type app/program for android (mobile phone)


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Hi all, I've been searching all over the web trying to find a halfway decent app or program that is very similar to Sibelius, but for mobile phones (Android not apple). I have been using sib 7 since its release, and I can't find anything out there that even comes close.
Can anyone please suggest any? Or any other ideas?


There is none... StaffPad would be something similar, but I doubt that it runs on Android (not in the know of recent developments though). You can try Musescore, but it is far from Sibelius....


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I've toyed with an app called "NotateMe Now" for Android. It sort of works - there is a free version and a more powerful paid version - but to anyone used to working with high-end notation programmes such as Finale or Sibelius it is painfully cumbersome and limited. I've occasionally used it to make sketches whilst travelling, then exported to PC, but I can't imagine using it to create anything serious.


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The Musescore app for Android doesn't allow you to alter a score. As I remember all it actually allows you to do is play it as a midi file. I don't think it even lets you view it.

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