should England start with the same 11?

should England start with the same11

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Personaly i think he should start with the same 11 (providing scholes is fit)
ledley king did a fantastic job in defence
[quote Mr Eriksson] Absolutely fantastic," said Eriksson on King. "I don't remember him making a mistake, he was quick, strong and good in the air.

"Congratulations to him. It's good to have those kind of selection problems. Terry should be ready."

its plain to see from that quote from muppet Eriksson that no matter how well he did, King wont be playing on Thursday.

i think it would be better to give Terry more time to recover fully rather than "risk him if not fully fit"

what do you think?

Naomi McFadyen

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nah, they should put the 11 they started with on just before the end is up, then they'll score 2 goals in extra time and win the match



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11 what? There are only 7 letters in the word "England" so I'm puzzled as to where the rest are to come from? :?


Yes--start with the same team,did well until second half so maybe get the subs on quicker.although from a Scots point of view you may get beat again with the same team.


If it aint broke, don't fix it! King did a fine job.

I couldn't really critizise any of our players on the night, apart from Gerard's gift to Henry.....what was he thinking???

France were not scoring in open play, we were defensively sound, we just lost in the typically English way!!

Roll on Thursday.....

Will the Sec

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Of course they should keep the same 11, unless the favoured injured players return.

Jones (G)

Not difficult, is it????



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well whatever they do they're never going to have a left winger... anyway, yes, sure, they should go with the same 11...

and for those that don't care about football, I believe your option is the link back to the forum to find a thread that does interest you... :wink:

Well Worth It

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For what it's worth, I feel we would benefit from a change in formation.
With the inclusion of so many fantastic midfielders in the squad, why the devil not put 5 across the centre of the pitch?

Plant Nicky Butt (or King for that matter), like a Privet Hedge in the middle of the park, Lampard and Gerrard either side of him - taking turns going forward AND dropping back to help out. Beckham out right, Cole out left.
Scholes and Rooney up front for me (but that's not my point)

We have wide players. Becks is the best in the biz and Cole is getting better at running in behind defences. He's not so good at getting back to cover his defensive duties, so put Gerrard inside him to help track back.
We are not playing to our strengths. Having all those quality midders and not using as many in the 1st team as possible, is completely daft.

Just like to say in his defence, that Calamity James was composed and competent until Gerrard bent him over with that back pass.

Same again versus the Swiss and we'll be handing out a whipping.

Still on?


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Why the fixation with midfield formation? Does Zidane play central midfield, right or left? He plays wherever and the others fill in for him.

One of England's defensive problems seems to be that all four midfielders are supposed to play in their particular area but when they get caught out the others don't know whether to cover or stay where they are giving a free run at the back four.

If Ashley Cole or Gary Neville push forward it doesn't matter who covers them as long as somebody does. Similarly if Paul Scholes or David Beckham find themselves alongside Rooney it doesn't matter if Gerrard or Lampard fill in.

It seems that Sven brainwashes his players into Plan A and if this doesn't work only he will change it a half time. It's probably too late now but he should pick his team and give them licence to play as long as everybody uses their head (and eyes) and fills in as necessary.


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England started off with a very confident passing display that showed that they have one of the strongest midfields in the tournament, but unfortunately they can't seem to manage to play a whole match, this seems to have been a long running problem.

Ledley King did play very well, but if Terry is fit we should give him a run against Switzerland - he's a good defender so we shouldn't worry.

Strikers are a real problem, I'd be tempted to go with Rooney and Owen again though and bring Owen off for Vassell sometime in the second half to inject a bit of pace. Heskey might as well go home for all I care, Rooney is better at holding up the ball and distribution than Heskey and emile isn't really good at anything else.

Midfield, Scholes looked completely out of place, I'd put Hargreaves on instead. Butt is injured so Gerrard will have to realise that 60ft back passes aren't a good idea, Lampard is a must, and obviously Beckham - who gives defensive solidity on the right.

If we play football for a full match instead of half of one, we should beat Switzerland comfortably.

Well Worth It

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I suppose the major plus point from the France game was that we completely stopped them from playing for the best part of the match.
If we approach each game with the same idea and attitude then I see few problems in us progressing to the QF stages.
It's just that when England face teams of a lower standard, complacency comes in and silly errors occur.

2nd man down

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Minor change required I think. Replace Scholes with Hargreaves if he's injured, if not leave him where he is. Possibly start with Vassell and Rooney up front, bringing Owen on for Vassell at half time. That might give Owen the spirit to fight for his place, he was a bit quiet against France.
King was superb...and I have to say, Rooney made me eat my words...I didn't rate him before Sunday, but his hunger and ball skills (Ooh-er!!)amazed me.


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I would keep the same side, but if Scholes is injured I would have Hargreaves. He's very underrated but that's cos we don't see him play week in week out. He is superb for Bayern Munich


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I'd leave Owen out, he's not been that brilliant for Liverpool recently and was completely anonymous against France, give Vassell a start. Don't even consider Heskey, He's not up to it and why he's in the squad at all is a mystery to me. I don't envy Sven deciding who to put in centre defence now, either, whatever he does it'll be wrong, Ledley King played so well the choice is now very hard.
Most importantly of all, Sven should spend all the training sessions between now and Thursday drumming into his team how to pass their way through midfield. Our best move by far involved every single midfield player plus Rooney, one touch stuff, scythed through the French like a knife. Sadly we only did it once. Beckham and Gerard only seem to want to try the 70yd killer pass all the time, and when both of your front men are under 6ft tall that's a complete waste of time (Scotland fans will know what I mean).
Similarly, packing 10 players into your own box might look like great siege defending, but it means every time you hoof it out it comes straight back with an opposition player attached to it. Look for one of ours, then they should put a foot on it and give the poor defence a rest for a second or two. We spent virtally the entire second half on Sunday hoofing the ball back to the French for them to have another go, I can see that kind of thing down the local park, thanks. In fact for half Beckham's wages I'll hang around the edge of the area and hoof everything that comes my way back into their half. Not a problem! From supposedly skilled players I expect just a little better.

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