Shortage of players in the North East

is there a shortage of players in the North East?

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It seems that since the pits closed brass bands are diminishing in the north east does anyone else feel this and maybe think of a way to change this?


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Although having mainly been outside the North East for the last 2 1/2 years, I have noticed the shortage of players in the North East.

Compared to the Midlands and Yorkshire where many bands are full and also have full training bands, the bands in the North East are doing badly. There are bands dissappearing - eg Ovington Tynedale, Boldon etc, whereas further south there is a trend of bands (re)forming - Ireland Colliery, Pheonix etc In the North East there is only really Lockwood who have done similar.
I have always found the North East to be the closest knit area of banding, everyone seems to knows everyone. Perhaps this is due to the small amount of players. Perhaps it is the cause of the small amount of players?? Has the North East hit a period of lethargy? Are people sick of the same bands winning all the time? Is it just too cliquey? Is Brass playing being pushed hard enough in NE schools?


We are a 4th section band... soon to be 3rd :D

In our area alone... which isn't very big, there are 2 Championship bands, 1 first Section, 2 Youth Bands and at least 3 none competing bands! I don't think any bands have regular 'bums on seats'. The trouble is aswell is that the majority of all these bands rehearse on the same nights!! :shock:

Its one extreme to the other.... you either have loads of bands in one region... like us... or one band and no players for miles! :roll: :?:


imthemaddude said:
It seems that since the pits closed brass bands are diminishing in the north east does anyone else feel this and maybe think of a way to change this?

Think you're definitely right but the problem is too many bands for too few players.

Could be addressed through tuition of young players and bands establishing youth bands but I don't know how much of that kind of thing goes on.

Having started out playing in North East bands and moving away several years ago I can say that some bands up there have some very strange ideas when it comes to how to go about things, e.g. committment to rehearsals!


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We are a 4th section band in the NE and we have very few vacancies... the senior band is almost full... (commitment can somethines be a problem due to lot of young players that, understandably, have other intrests) A junior band that is even fuller! and a training group that was established because the standard of the junior band became so high that beginners couldn't cope. Don't know if we are the exception but there are a one or two champoinship/first sect bands about an hour away.

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North East Scotland......or is there anywhere else??????
Now I am only kidding...honest :wink:


I don't think there is a shortage of players FROM the north east, but there are alot of people up there who have moved or commute to other areas to play for better bands!!


Then Dave, there are players that have joined bands in the North East. Just like me!!! :wink:
Its not a shortage of players just certain positions like in any bands in any area that are always problem positions


There is deffinately a shortage of players in the North East. The fact that bands are dissapearing is testemony to that. Players who have long since retired are being dragged from retirement to bolster the ranks of even the best bands. All the bands are struggling and the problem as suggested is that there are very few kids coming through the ranks. This problem needs addressing or the best players will move areas and the north east will fade away in one generation of bandsmen! :(

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