Shepherd's Pipe Carol


Does anyone know if the carol 'Shepherd's Pipe Carol' by John Rutter has been arranged for Brass Band, either as choral accompaniment or for band only?


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hehe, thought it said shepherds pie carol... sorry, useless post, i imagine messrs thorne and bale will be much more useful to you! :oops:


Now why didn't I get that result when I searched Just Music first? I bet I spelt it Shephards.....

Thanks very much Roger. If it's been done by Peter Graham, I imagine it won't need doing again!

However, does anyone know if thats a choral accompaniment or for band only?


The Peter Graham arrangement is a direct transcription of the Rutter original and is in the same concert pitch key as the version published in Carols for Choirs (so far as I am aware, it is the only version!). If you have a choir to accompany it ought to work without any issue!

Unusually for these arrangements from Carols for Choirs it is in a pleasant key for the brass players...

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