Sold/Expired Sheet music with piano parts.


As you may have seen I am selling my euphonium, when going through my music collection I found a range of solo's and exam pieces which are still in very very good condition. So I'm selling these as well. If your interested please contact me at

TWO FAURE DUETS - Stephen Mead 5 pounds
BRILLIANTE - Peter Graham 8 pounds
CZARDAS (Also includes: Largo Al Factotum, Salut D' Amour, Calon Lan(Duet)) - Eric Wilson, Nicholas Childs, Robert Childs - 8 pounds
SOFTLY AS I LEAVE YOU (Also includes: Flower Song, Silvered by the moonlight and Carnival of Venice) Eric Wilson and the Childs Brothers
8 pounds
BASSOON CONCERTO - Teleman 5 pounds
AVE MARIA - Arr. Mortimer 3 pounds
THE PINK PANTHER - Arr. Scott Richards 3 pounds
RHAPSODY FOR EUPHONIUM - James Curnow 8 pounds
EUPHONIUM CONCERTO - Joseph Horowitz 10 pounds
FANATASY ON SWISS AIRS - Roy Newsome 3 pounds
J.B.Arban Cornet Method 25 pounds
Eliezer Aharoni - New Method for Bass Trombone 20 pounds

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