Share My Yoke - Programme Notes


Hi, my friend needs to write programme notes for the cornet/flugel solo, Share my Yoke, but can't find much info on the piece. Does anyone know any info about it?
Any info is much appreciated, cheers!


I believe it was originally written as a Salvation Army Songster (choir) piece, and then arranged as a cornet solo
So might be worth searching for the Songster arrangement, you might find more luck.


Always good to refer to the words when presenting a piece such as this, I feel. You may already have them, but just in case you don't, they can be found here:

An aside on this point: I recently heard a concert performance of 'Shine As The Light' where the words to all the featured songs were printed in the programme. Despite having played and loved the piece for many years, I never found so deeply affecting as I did in that context.


Chorus - Share my Yoke and Find that I am Joined with you, your slightest movement I will feel and be there too; SHare my Yoke and go the way that I must go, in our togetherness my peace youll know , the world beholding us will see its so.

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