Several players available for Whit Friday!


There's a group of us that are looking for a band to go with for Whit Friday. Here are the players we have available (some can play multiple instruments):

3 cornets
1 tenor horn
1 baritone/cornet
1 tenor trombone
1 Eb Bass

We all play with 1st section bands but are more than happy to play for any level band. 4 of us are based in the midlands while the other 3 are based in north Wales so making any rehearsals would be tricky. We are all very competent players though and have ample experience in marching.

I realise that the chances of finding a band that would take all 7 of us are slim, but please get in touch if you can use any of us and perhaps we can work something out.

P.S. We love TJ Powell and William Rimmer marches ;)