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James McFadyen

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As part of our-going commitments to our customers we are investigating the possibility of changeing our prices. This is only an investigation and we need your help to help gather statistal info!

Based on 30.00 quid for a piece of music at Devilish Publishing, would you be more tempted to but our titles at half of that price.

It is unfortuate that we are considering lowering our prices, since, this will mean much less going to charity for each sale we make.

At the moment we do not feel that lowering our prices by 50% is the answer to make more sales and our intial calculations say we'll lose substansial amount of money, however this is only theory - we will most likely have a 'trial period' to see if the price change does work, that is if we go ahead with it, in the first place.

What concerns us, as a company, is that bands are happy to pay 40.00 quid for a BB set from Switzerland (not nessesarily from a 'name' composer) but just as equally happy to pay 15.00 quid from a british publisher. We view this is as a serious issue. Through our own investigations, most bands seem to accept that 30 - 40 quid will get you a piece of Brass Band music.

The one thing that we do know is that theory doesn't always make financial sence, the theory being if we were to sell out titles for less, more would buy our titles. Although, we are dedicated to pleaseing our customers in every way we can and if this means meeting to the financial budget of our customers, then we are happy to investigate these matters.

Anyhow, we would really like to hear from you, if you want our prices lowered so you can enjoy our titles, then please air your views, this is the time for action!

We were going to construct this post as a poll, but we really need the fullest feedback from customers possible (both current and soon-to-be customers!)

Many thanks for your time and we'd appreciate your thoughts!


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I reckon £20 could do it... Even I, in my world of scrounging the little milk, salt and vinegar packets from restaurants, sometimes have a spare £20 so it might be a good way of really getting properly established... hell, if my elvis theory works out and everyone is looking for a new piece of music, if yours are the cheapest they'll probably go with it!!

James McFadyen

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Thanks Lynchie for taking the time to reply! It's important to us that people comment on this as we are constructing our business plan for 2004 right now and in a very short time, it will be too late to request a price reduction.

To sell our music at 20.00 would be feasible and would keep Devilish Publishing above the 'drawn even' line, if only in theory!

Any more suggestions/comments, people?
£20 doesn't seem too high. I purchase music for our band in the US and can often spend $80 (£44). I did skip over a piece I liked that was selling for $120 (£65) as that seemed too expensive. :shock:

Price has its place, but a price war is a race to the bottom. Quality and price equals value. I know I would rather spend a bit more to get quality. Once prices are lowered to compete, they are difficult to raise simply to make a profit again. We tend to think the higher prices will come down again.



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Bad Moves in Business, Chapter 1:

If you tell people your prices will drop dramatically in 3 months time, you will sell approximately squat between now and then... :wink:

James McFadyen

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Yes!!!!!!! That is why they will be enforced ASAP

Unfortuately, my catalogue on the website is being completely overhauled and this taking some time, as is designing the systems for the Charity donations, so as to make it as easy as possible for customers.

In the next update, we will not be taking Credit Card/Paypal payments for Brass Band music, instead all music will be sent out with and customers will be issued with an invoice to pay within so many days (exact amount of days has not be settled yet) This change will be brought about because bands like to buy now and pay later, however implementing these systems is a harder job than I first realised.

Expect a web update at the weekend!


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I think folk (and i definetley include myself here) are a little nervous buying anything from somewhere. or. by someone new, £30 seems a "risk", £15-20 doesn't seem quite such a "risk", although i don't know why!!!

just a thought!!

James McFadyen

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Everyone starts somewhere! ;) The bands who give me a fair deal now will benefit when my career launches into overdrive. This is they way it works, after all without bands buying my music, how can it be possible to be known!

One should also not presume that a lesser-known name's music is worse than a name, it just means that this composer is still at the start of their career or have not been at the fore-front of the industry.

I do understand why bands, or conductors for that matter prefer not to buy from an unknow, but I do find it a bit pretensious, who are people to presume what my music will sound like without hearing it - I guess this where the risk comes in, but how many of you have bought music by a 'name' and been disapointed? No composer can have every piece he write be liked by everyone. This is why I don't care if some people don't like my music, because you simply can't write music that everyone will definetly like. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure! :wink:

We are however including a 'testimonials' section for some people to quote what they thought of music when they bought it.

A new payment is system is being put in place, we are taking out the Credit Card/Paypal system and replaceing it with an account system, you order your music, we'll send it out, you pay so many days later (currently planned for 14 days - but this is not an offical number!)

I think what your saying holds some truth, but one must not burn bridges! The thing is you can't see what's going on behind the scenes, and if I've got big funding for a massive project, which band will I choose to help the project be born.

If you really are interested in buying my music but are unsure about spending your money on my music, just email me or pm. As I have said time and time again Customer Service and Care is our (as a company) main aim - just contact us, if you would like to hear bits of the music, just ask, we (as a company) like to think we are unique in the service we provide and that no other publisher will do what we will do for you as a prospective customer! :)

Sorry to go on a bit, but as we are in the business of provideing our customers with the highest possible service, we feel that a one line statement is intolearable to our future customers.

Many thanks, and please if you have any serious enquires about my music, just pm me, if you really want to play my stuff, just pm me and i'll do my very best to accomodate the most minimal risk so that you know what you're buying before you pay.

Nigel Hall

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I have to say that as one who has (and to some extent) still is in the same position as James that I totally agree with him. I had the same attitude from bands when I started MMI Music nearly three years ago. It has taken this long to get to be a name (as a company) that bands feel comfortable with buying music from "on spec". I am lucky in having some very talented composers/arrangers working with me and sending me first class music and also to have a very good friend (and a damn good composer/arranger himself) in Alan MacRae who recorded, produced and edited our first commercial CD "Jazzcat" last year.

Guys 'n' Gals - all I can add is just because it's not arranged by Alan Fernie, Goff Richards et al, don't dismiss it. MMI's policy is that we will send a sample part (usually Solo Cornet or Soloist if applicable) along with a few pages of the full score for your perusal if you request it.

Support the small business - God knows we ain't gonna make millions!!

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