Sequels that have gone too far!!!


After watching the advert for saw VI, I have come to the conclusion that the producers of seriously milking the sequels!! :mad: It was bad enough to take 4 sequels but a fifth is TOO FAR and reaffirms that films are now made to make money rather to give enjoyment!! :mad:
What other films can people think of that have had a ridiculous amount of sequels?? :confused:


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Don't know about sequels, but the Star Wars films had 3 prequels too much................


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Well I didn't go to see Malcolm X because I hadn't seen any of the previous nine.
In a similar vein I saw Madness of King George III but missed the first 2.

And there are some things which still await a sequel - I wanna know what happened to Tony Soprano!


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The Matrix and all its sequels...bags of cack! lol!

First two Batman films - good....2nd two (Val Kilmer and George Clooney) - not so good.....

Superman 4....what a load of tosh.


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Rocky 3 on
Rambo 3 on
Deathwish 3 on
bizzarely every alternate StarTrek film
every single StarWars film - the original was actually 'Muppets in Space' a section within the Muppets show.
Shrek the Third.

A disaster. A couple of mildly funny moments that may have made the film pass for half decent IF the first hadn't been so good.

Comparatively, the sequel sucks, and they shouldn't have bothered. You CAN have too much of a good thing.


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Highlander 2... bore almost no relation to the original and was just horrendous! Most sequels are really. A few exceptions (for me anyway):

Godfather Part 2 (although 3 was poor)
Empire Strikes Back
Spiderman 2 (again though, 3 was a let down)
The Dark Knight (assuming you count the "franchise reboot" as a seperate series of films)


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Highlander 2... bore almost no relation to the original and was just horrendous!

I remember going to see that, most people's reaction was "What the ..... was that all about?"

The Ice Age films are worth seeing just for the squirrel, to be fair......

I believe there's a Toy Story 3 coming out next year, now there's a sequel as good as if not better than the original.

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Police Academy 7 was about 5 too many

Airplane II taking the mick out of sequels advertising Rocky 38 with a very aged boxer sporting a grey beard to his waist

Super Hero Movie, in the let's poke fun at certain Genre was also a step too far. Scary Movie to Date Movie gentle decline, Super hero movie bobbar.

Sequels that should have been made

The Number 24
Seventh Sense
Thirteen Monkeys
The not so magnificent 8
Dial N for Normalcy
The Y Men



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bizzarely every alternate StarTrek film

Star Trek films have the opposite pattern to Harry Potter books. Even is best for star trek, odd for Harry Potter.

Men in Black II was pretty rubbish.
All the Bond films after Sean Connery.


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101 Dalmations - I think there was a sequel from what I can remember.

It's not a film but the BBC did I think 3 series of Robin Hood...which annoyed me


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Here's hoping Stargate:Universe isn't one sequel too many ..... just started on Sky 1!


Back to the Future 2 not too bad, 3 was a bit much (especially when viewed on the band coach DVD player whilst travelling through Germany in the summer).

Like a previous post mentioned - the original "Airplane" and "Police Academy" films were hilarious - sequels should never have seen the light of day, and as for Jaws 2.................!!


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the Star Wars animated series. Oh, Fireman Sam - the new version with different everything and silly twee songs....

OH YES, and whoever has changed Thomas the Tank Engine to the awful ****ty horrible twee RUBBISH that it is now wants their respective reproductive organs chopping off or removing.


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Cruel Intentions 2! WTF was that about? First film was Teen moderned up version of Dangerous Liasons with quite famous people in it, bit brain candy but amusing and tolerable.... 2nd one random excuse for vague hinting at teenage girls maybe hitting on each other (watch all the men rush out to hire it....) populated by a bunch of "who's that" types! :dunno