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PeterBale said:
louise0502 said:
. . . i just always thought it was spelt with an 'a'.
Reminds me of the old quizz question: "Antiparliamentarydisestablishmentarianism is a very long word - spell it" :wink:

And the answer's just as old.... I...T! ;-) ;-)


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My spelling is generally pants, always has been, always will be :roll:
Can't spell "definitely" to save my life :oops: (had to cheat then - thank you "Word" spell checker)

Bad grammar annoys me too (classic case - to, too, or two?). but I think generally tMP'ers aren't as bad as some people!!

One of my biggest bugbears is there, they're, their, as in "They're over there in their car". Amazingly, I've just typed that into Word as "their over they're in there car" and the grammar check didn't correct it :shock:

Has anyone noticed the reduction in "text speak" on here lately - thankfully! :evil:

(I've just checked this post five times for selling and grammatical errors)


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i use txt talk all the time, coz its so much easier. i never tend to worry bout gramma n stuff unless i'm doin sumfin really important or school work or anythin like that. bad habit, but i'm a lazy moo, n checkin takes wayyyy too much time.
i do know when to put too to or two tho, and similarly their there and they're, and always stick to that, no matter wot.

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