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I gave up contesting several years ago due to the commitment required to go to contests relative to the return. My main gripe was that we practise for several weeks to deliver one performance on stage and then we're in the hands of one or two people to decide if our work has paid off. It should be mentioned that I've been on the recieving end of bad decisions but also been placed when it was undeserved too.

I went to the Senior Trophy at the weekend because Tournament for Brass is one of my all time favourites. I listened and thoroughly enjoyed every performance, some were better than others but two stuck out for me, the eventual winners who delivered a sound show and one other. This band admittedly had a couple of slips but the musicianship of both the players and the interpretation was outstanding. I was shocked but not in the least bit surprised to find that the band had been placed a lowly 10th!!!

Either I don't know a thing about what should please the ear in which case I'll apologise to the organisers and keep quiet or a mistake was made, it was that blatant.

If I have caused the band concerned any embarassment with these comments then I apologise, however, as much as I enjoyed the day, I was reminded why I gave contesting up in the first place!
Couldn't agree with you more about Unison Kinneil, the band who came 10th. I only heard half a dozen or so bands but most of them beat Kinneil even though I thought most weren't in the same league.

Well done to another of my old bands Bo'ness and Carriden for winning promotion and also to the other Scottish band in the frame, Dalmellington. Kinneil losing out was the only downer of the day!


Mike Fox
Pennine Brass :guiness

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well I played top man for NCT and we were a bit disappointed with 19th! but there you go! :cry: we had a late invite and only had 2 weeks rehearsal :eek:
but we are at whitehave contest on sunday so hopefully we will do a bit better :wink:


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Thanks for the kind comments re: Kinneil's performance. The band were disappointed not to have faired better come the results, but that's contesting, was good to see a good show from Carriden and Dalmellington though. Also congrats to our old mate Mick and all at Pennine for a good win.

Dave Kinross
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Unison Kinneil

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