Senior Trophy results


1. Staffordshire, John Hinckley, 5
2. Dobcross Silver, Denis Hadfield, 9
3. Unison Kinneil, Allan Ramsey, 17
4. Knottingley Silver, Kevin Belcher, 13
5. Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda, Alan Gibbs, 18
6. Longridge, Stephen Booth, 3
7. Kidlington Concert, Catherine Underwood, 1
8. Riddings, John Davis, 19
9. Pemberton Old Wigan, Alan Lawton, 12
10. Soham Comrades, Paul Filby, 14
11. Aldbourne, Nigel Seaman, 7
12. Mossley, Martyn Evans, 16
13. Tongwynlais Temperance, Bryn James, 15
14. BHK (UK) Horden, Brian Grant, 6
15. Johnstone Band, Gavin Lindsay, 4
16. City of Coventry, Stephen Cooper, 2
17. Stalybridge Old, John Maines, 10
18. Northop, Brett Baker, 8
19. Broxburn Public, Archie Hutchison, 11

Best soloist: Euphonium - Staffordshire

Edit: Courtesy of 4BarsRest:


Got to say, totally gutted!!! :(
Didn't get to hear any other bands as i had to leave after we'd played, but we all thought we had played pretty well. Apart from a few problems at the beginning, we were convinced we'd put in a decent performance.
I suppose thats contesting!!


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Well we were hoping to win, but the main objective has been achieved. n It's up for the Cup next year!!!

Jim Buchanan Kinneil Band


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Cheers Julian. To be honest, I'm glad we didn't have to rehearse the piece for more than three weeks! Not one of my favourites...


Senior Throphy

Thanks to everyone who came in and supported us. Some of the band were a bit gutted at coming second but we can't fault the performance. Our soloists were terrific. Danny Brooks on Trombone deserves a special mention. He played out of his skin. Congrats to Staffordshire on a fine win and also congrats to Unison Kinneil and Knottingley Silver as well. See you in the cup next year!!!!! :D :grnsm :D


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I was the one gutted about 2nd place. Everyone reckons it was ok cos we qualified but the way i see it you go to a contest to win not just do ok. :( Nevermind we played fabulously and there's nothing else you can do is there?! I'm led to believe that Staffordshire were excellent so they obviously deserved it.

Lynne Greenhalgh
2nd Baritone
Dobcross Silver

BTW thanks Helen, and well done Pennine.


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I heard Staffordshire and can honestly say that their performance was phenominal!! The atmosphere created was just amazing and the Euphonium player-tremendous! Any band would have had trouble beating that on Saturday, it was superb! Well done Staffs!!

Also well done to Kinneil, also 3rd of a number 17 draw!!! Must have been Mr Ramsay's lucky spoon! :wink:


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Congratulations to John Hinkley and Staffordshire from all his friends at Kinneil. Maybe I should have kept you walking up the wrong staircase before Registration John ( Remember ?) and Direction's supposed to be your strong point :twisted: . Also, congratulations to Dobcross who took second place. Looking forward to getting our revenge on both of you next year in the Cup :wink: Also well done to Mike Fox (Euph) at Pennine who told us three weeks ago that Staffordshire and Dobcross were the only two bands who would get near us at the weekend :!: What are this weeks lottery numbers Mike :?:

Dave Frame, Bassbone, Unison Kinneil. :)

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