Self Publishing Brass Band Music

Urien Huws

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This is my first post here so I hope its in the correct place. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction with information regarding self publishing brass band music

I have been on Google all day trying but can't find anything useful with any information on how you publish your own music? Does anyone have any information on how to do this or suggest anywhere i can get any information?


Anno Draconis

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I do it. The question is, why do you want to? Are you wanting to retain more revenue? Are you finding it hard to get someone to take your works on? Do you just want to stay in sole charge of quality?

I wrote and maintain my own website, and do all my own music typesetting, editing, proofreading, printing, binding and despatch via my own small digital printing business. That way I keep control of both revenue and costs, which is why I do it. If I had to buy in either service (maybe not so much printing, but certainly e-commerce website design) it would make a lot less commercial sense to self-publish. The typesetting, editing and proofreading in particular are hard work if you're self publishing.

I also do some printing and distribution for other composers and small self-publishers, but in those cases I am provided with typeset, edited and proofed PDF files ready to print. I sometimes design the covers, but that's all.

So without knowing where you are in the process and what skills you've got, it's tricky to give useful advice. To start with, it would be handy to know:
1) Do you have a catalogue of unpublished works ready and waiting?
2) Are you able to make them print-ready? i.e. not just run off a set from Sibelius/Finale to blow through at band but do all the extra stuff like checking page turns, checking percussion parts are playable if you're primarily a brass player, checking for missing mute markings and accidentals, adding page numbers, copyright messages and programme notes?
3) Can you create and/or manage your own website? Mine's done in Wordpress using Woocommerce, nice and straightforward but a lot of people are wary of web design.
4) Assuming you get orders, how will you get them printed, bound and distributed to commercial quality in a timely fashion?
5) Do you think your stuff will actually sell? I have about five pieces that shift decent amounts, but there are at least that many of my website that have never sold a single copy. I leave them there because it costs me nothing to do so, but if I had to print and hold stock they'd have been deleted from the catalogue long since!!


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I appreciate this is an old post, but could be handy for other composers and arrangers as well as the OP .
I use sheet music plus and score exchange for to sell my arrangements, it's free to upload your pdf's or sibelius files and you can add Mp3 files and links to YouTube of your music. Obviously they take a commission approximately 55 percent for public domain and original compositions , and sheet music plus is owned by Hal Leonard so you can add arrangements of their extensive copyrighted material and make 10 percent (it sounds a lot, but try and get a license for yourself and it quickly becomes a better option) .
Also it's a lot less time consuming than running your own website, although less profitable, but there is a guaranteed footfall for the website and you can use their links to direct traffic from your own facebook / YouTube/, twitter page etc .
If you want to go the whole hog with physical copies then JW Pepper is a good avenue for that.