Seeking Music - Sorcerers Apprentice

The Stanley Newmarket Band are seeking the Brass Band arrangement of the overture to the Sorcerers Apprentice. This was originally published, we believe. in the late 1920's or 30's.

Has anyone any idea where we could borrow a set of brass band parts.

We are also seeking information about Huchinsons Carol Symphony.
We know this has not been arranged for Brass Band but has anyone any idea where we could borrow an orchestral score.

Info to



As BB parts go I know that Sun Life recorded the piece back in the early 1990's. To my knowledge, the owner of Trevada Music, (Leonard Adams), purchased the library of Sun Life. Phone them on 01209 714353.

I seem to recall the Cornwall Youth band playing at a course once also. Mr Adams is also the president of CYBB and should be able to put you onto the right person.


PS Now you have mentioned it, it is a great (but tough) piece and I might recommend that my band purchase it!!!


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The recording by Sun Life was of an arrangement by Derek Bourgeois, at that time their MD, but I don't know whether it was published. If there was an arangement from the 20's or 30's that must have been a different one.

Victor Hely-Hutchinson's "Carol Symphony" is published by Chester Music and they could probably give you further information:


Its a brilliant piece, hope you get hold of it. The National Youth brass Band played it a year or so ago, so if you know any of the organisers of that they may be able to hel.

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Having made researches on our database here at PRS, it appears the arrangement by Derek Bourgeois was never published. Sounds like iggmeister's suggestion could be your best bet.


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If the Scorch file (on Warwick Music's website) is the only thing to go by, then I would not be getting it, surely this cannot be the whole work in the Scorch file.

And even if it isnt, it doesn't really give a good impression of it on the Scorch file alone :?

Pitty coz Mr B. is a top composer and arranger, but I'm sure it sounds better with a live Brass Band! :wink:

Dave Payn

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Don't know about the Scorch file as I can't access it, but I've got a recording of Sun Life playing SA and it's a top arrangement by anybody's standards.


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I've played an Eddie Huckridge arrangement too. I've no other details to hand but it might be more immediately playable than Dr. B's transcription.



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Hope that when someone finds it and buys it, if its any gd I hope they post it on hear because I really like the piece!

Steven Mead's doing a new multi-track CD on it where he plays every note. One of the tracks is the Sorcerors Apprentice where he plays 18 voices on the track I think, and i'm sure it'll be brilliant!!
I can't wait until the CD comes out at the Tuba/ Euph festival next week at the RNCM, i'll be first in line for it!


You should try contacting Derek Bourgeois directly. That's how our band got our copy for his arrangement.
Thanks everyone for the info but the Bourgeois arrangement is not the one we are trying to find, it is too new.

The one we are looking for was published in the early 20's or 30's

Once again Thanks

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