Scottish Open Testpieces


Well Worth It said:
Hoping for one better.

:wink: :p

the top six bands from the Scottish go so that'll be Co-op, Whitburn, Kirkintilloch, Kinneil, Kingdom and Bon Accord and whatever English and Welsh bands get invited.
It's obvious that Alderley Edge was the only piece PC
managed to get right!(Fair point Luce!!)
I'd say any of those pieces sound good.
Lets hope that we can more of an audience this year.
The Contest deserves it!


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"Lets hope that we can more of an audience this year."

JockBlast I think that one should improve our diction!!! :lol:


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I dont know what you are talkin aboot miss Boyle? Have a look at the post you are talkin aboot not a spelling mistake in sight!! Get it Round Yi! :lol:


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Aye right Bart!!!

Anyway I think all the choices are boss, anyone need a baritone player for the contest?? :D