Scottish Areas - 2nd & 4th Section Results

Roger Thorne

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Scottish Area Championships

Second Section
Saturday 8th March

Adjudicators: Frank Renton and Roger Webster

1 Newmills and Galston (6) C. Anderson 95 Qualified
2 Arbroath Instrumental Band ( 8 ) M. Robertson 93 Qualified

3 Barrhead Burgh (12) B. Keachie 92
4 Renfrew Burgh Band (3) C. Keenan 91
5 Clydebank Burgh (7) E. Drysdale 90
6 Irvine and Dreghorn Brass (9) J. Boax 89
7 Kilmarnock Concert Brass (1) A. Keachie 88
9 Annan Town Band (11) D. Shanks 86
8 Dalkeith & Monktonhall Colliery (2) I. Flemming 87
10 Shotts St Patrick’s Brass (10) S. Kerwin 85
11 Tullis Russell the Papermakers Mills Band (5) D. Neil 84
12 Selkirk Silver Band (4) C. Kemp 83

Fourth Section

Adjudicators: Chris Wormald and Phillip McCann

1 Dumfries Town Band (4) G. Brotherston 84 Qualified
2 Peebles, D. Breadbent (3) 83 Qualified

3 Penicuik Silver Band (6) J. Chamberlin 82
4 Queenferry High (7) J. Anderson 81
5 Bon-Accord Silver ‘B’ Band (1) B. Wallace 80
7 Coalburn Silver (2) D. Gray 78
6 Stranraer Youth (5) I. Munro, 79


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Can anyone tell me if Arbroath qualified last year in the 3rd Section? :( :?

Tubby the Tuba

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Congratrulations to Newmills and Galston, great to see you are on the way back. Look forward to competing again with you in the championship section in a couple of years time.



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floral_dance said:
Yes they were promoted from third section last year along with Shotts who did not do so well today.

I was gonna say - I'm sure I saw them down in Torquay - where we didn't do so hot!! :roll:


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Congrats to floral_dance, well done for 4th!!!! :)

Also, rest of the results for the weekend:

Championship section

1.CWS (Glasgow) Bands, Nick Childs 193
2.Kirkintilloch Band, Frank Renton 189

3.Unison Kinneil Band, Allan Ramsay 187

First section

1.Bathgate Band, Alan Duguid 90
2.Bon-Accord Silver Band, Tony Swainson 89

3.Dunaskin Doon, Craig Anderson 88

Third section

1.Lochgelly, G.Lindsay 90
2.St Ronan's Silver Band, David McLeod 89

3.St Davids Brass, John A Dickson 88

For the rest of the results:

My band were 9th in Third section (I wasn't playing though.) It was quite a disappointing result :cry: , but hey, its the taking part that counts anyway!

I was thinking Kirkintilloch, Clackmannanshire and Broxden for the Championship section. Kirkintilloch were 2nd, Broxden 5th and Clackmannanshire 10th, so thats why I ain't an adjudicator!

Well done to everyone who competed.
Thanx groovy, we were pleased, sorry your band were not placed but hey it's the taking part that counts :? I though Kirkintilloch would have won. I am not long back from the competition, only there listening to day, but I thought they sounded good. But like you that's why I play and not judge :roll:


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The worst bit about today was...I MISSED SEEING MY OWN BAND PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :? :? :? :cry: :cry: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:

Basically I had to walk a couple of miles to pick up the car from the station in the pouring rain, drove to Falkirk (well actually was chauffered by my mum.... :? )and arrived in time to see the band heading back to the bus!

They'd just come off 2 mins before. They played pretty well though (or so they told me :D )

I really liked Broxden's performance of Prague. Also, the euphonium soloist for Clackmannanshire was George Cameron who went to school with my mum, and he was very good.


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Thanks very much Tubby. Hope we're back in the top section soon.
Everyone seems to be misspelling us for some reason, even the official programme! We're actually Newmilns & Galston. Newmills is a different place about 100 miles away.


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:D Does anyone know who got the trophies for "Best Trombone" and "Best Cornet" at the Scottish Championships for the Championship section? I didn't find out who got it but there were some very good soloists. Thanx! :D


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The best trombone went to Paul Kiernan of CWS and the best cornet went to their principal. Don't know his name I'm afraid.

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