I'm currently looking for a score for Mephi!
Has anybody got one or tell me where I can get my hands on one from?
We are currently rehearsing Mephi for Easingwold and are wondering if such a thing exists?
Obvioulsy if someone has got one We would appreciate a loan of it or where we can purchase one from??
I would appreciate any help in this matter!

Gavin Vardy


The Conductor/Solo Cornet part is a "bit" of a guide,
But our resi would like one as he's constantly hovering around folk seeing who's got what so I'm only trying to simplfy his job.

I don't fancy sitting in front of the PC either typing parts in because no don't I'm breaking some copyright infrindgement,oh well still looking!

Dave Payn

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As far as I can tell you won't be infringing any rights by writing out a score for this one on the basis that this work is public domain in the UK. Alternatively, you can try R Smith and Co who (according to my sources) published the original (though another source says it's Hawkes and Son! That's the PRS database for you!), but I doubt they'll produce a 'one off'.

Nowadays, quite a few publishers issue scores with their marches, (Bit of a b*gger trying to fit them on a lyre when on the march, though! :)) even the old ones. Wright and Round now have full scores of some of their classics from the pen of William Rimmer (Cossack, Knight Templar etc. etc.)


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There's a hand written score for Mephi in the libary at YBS, maybe a tMP'er form said band could help you out!

satchmo shaz

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hi, I will check our library for hand written scores as we have loads, I recently found one for the cossack :wink:

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