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I'm now in my third and final year of my Psychology degree and my individual project (dissertation) is based around school dinners. I am looking at children's attitudes towards healthy eating and then seeing if their attitudes are reflected in their behaviour (by monitoring what they choose for school dinenrs). It is quite a topical project to choose due to the increasing levels of obesity etc and interest has been aroused in the whole scholl dinners thing.

I am posting on here to ask any of you that if you come across any information that you may think will be of use please e-mail me at and I will provide you with a stamped envelope so that you can forward it on to me.

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This is all quite simple and you don't really need a Psychology degree to understand.

Sausage. Chips and Beans + can of Coke 5 days a week = Normal healthy kid.

Anything else - especially ones who go for salad and fruit = A bit of a nerd who listens to their parents far too much.


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lol in my school theres been campaigns for the canteen to have more healthy food in. and ive heard that there will be more healthy food being served in our canteen soon.

dont know if that has any relevance wotsoever to what your researching... just thought id say it


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I dont go anywhere near the canteen in our school - u might get in and not come out for the kids trapping you in.
The dinners at my school are ace! The range is massive! There are salads and pasta salads everyday (if you're in early enough to get them!-very popular!), jacket potatoes everyday etc. and there's themed hot food i.e burger bar day or chinese day etc. and then there's traditional with like a roast dinner or the more generally 'healthier' hot food. Also continuous supply of fruit :D So yeah- lots to choose from! It's great!!

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i lived in last year (at college/uni, not at school). the food was rubbish. i got soooooooooooooooooooo sick of chips. now i can cook vegatables and potatoes and pasta and other nice things.


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school food was, in a word, pants... chips with everything, and never a vegetable to infiltrate my plate... fried breakfasts were ok when I was hungover, but other than that, it was hard to see what I was paying for...


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Certainly at our school the ratio of healthy food to non- healthy food is not very good!
They are trying to introduce healthier foods, but it's not well prepared and tastes worse than the unhealthy food! ;)
...suppose the problem is that the unhealthy food tastes good! If it was vice versa we'd all be healthy! :rolleyes:
Thamks for all of your comments, it's really appreciated and they're all very valid points. Unfortunately for a degree dissertation I have to base my findings on research and not just common sense - that'll be why psychology is a science then!


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Kari, I am working at 6th Form College and I am sure that some of my students will fill in a quick questionaire for you if that would help. PM me if you think it would be useful.


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Ditto that here - 6th fm college and secondary school. I'd be willing to pass it round for you.

My opinion?

School dinners in our school are driven purely by finance. They have mostly been inedible since the local council got out bid by an outside firm. The 6th form do slightly better because they complained about the poor quality of food and were going out to local hostelries in droves and the senior management were seriously worried about the number of 6th formers who came back smelling of beer.

There are about 6 plates of salad in each dining hall, rubber and putty sandwiches and burgers and chips by the ton. These latter are awful even for their kind. I can no longer have school dinners because of the intestinal problems they invariably cause.

If the kids are not in the first 6 to get to the head of the queue the best stuff is gone. wiganers have a shiite sense of diet to begin with (if it's not in pastry and dripping with grease it's not good for you). Shall I write this dissertation for you?
Thank you all so much for your generous offers. My research specifically looks at primary school children and I have been fortunate enough to locate schools that will accommodate me. The purpose of me posting here was to alert people of what I was doing in case they read anything in The Times etc that they thought may be of use - (I don't read The Times)!!!!!!

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I know i am going back some almost 30 years when i had school meals but,The one thing i do miss is CONCRETE CAKE AND MINT CUSTARD your hand always went up for 2nds,3rds,4ths,5ths, and more.:)