Schal Sick Brass Band


hmmm, it is a 7 day listing and there is less than 24 hours to go. Wonder why there are no bids yet!!?? :?

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Oh WOW!!!!
As sad as I am, I like that...
I'm sure there's no bids cos people will wanna fight for it as the biddings draw to a close... so, I'm gonna put in the first bid... £6



Active Member
i couldn't listen (my boss may have thought of it as "time wasting" or something...) what is it?

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
Guess what came through the post this morning and I'm listening to right now!!!?!!!... :wink:
I'm lovin' it! Gonna make great driving music for when I'm next down south! ;-) :D 8) :bounce :grnsm

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