Sad times for neighbours fans...


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:eek: My god! I've just realised I need to stop working nights cos the sleep deprivation makes me post junk like this!

But I still love neighbours!!!


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Me! Hell no! She's a bit too female for my taste! I am just a truly tragic neighbours fan who recalls noticing earlier in this thread several blokes comparing notes on who was the hottest chick! At least u guys seem to have eye candy because there's certainly a lack of male totty in Ramsay Street! Discuss!!!!!!

Paul Daniels?!!?!? *LOL*

We have trouble in my house telling the difference between all the young, thin, blonde women! (or maybe I just don't take enough notice when it is on at home!) Bit like Hollyoakes ..... Now *there* is a soap with some nice young men :)


So, you guys are up to what, exactly?? Should I start spoiling things??? ;)

noooooooo! dont do that!!
were up to the pepper's and rosie's lesbian kiss and Sky's baby has just got lukemia and dont tell me what happens because i have infact read the australian site, and knows who ........ . so i feel very upset because i thought ........ was awesome. so i am annoyed with myself to say the least. no more pre-plot lines for me!!

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