Russion school siege


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Russian school siege

Oh my God...

I am watching live TV of a battle in the school where those poor children are being held as hostages...

I cannot imagine the anguish of those poor parents who are hearing gunfire, explosions, bangs etc whilst there children are in the school..

Send some thoughts in their direction yeah.... and pray for the best resolution.
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I've just switched on the TV after hearing about this. Apparently 30 women and children have been rescued and they still don't know how many are inside...:-?


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I honestly cant see the outcome that we would all want to see happening in this. apparently they have already executed some male hostages, when two women blew themselves and the hostages up.
I fear for the lives of everybody in there.

I hope and prey that this will all be sorted out soon.


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I am traumatised here.. I am watching naked children running from the school whilst being shot at!

OMG... this is awful...

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It beats me how these people (and i use the word people in the loosest possible sense) can possibly hope to be trusted to govern their own country (which is after all what they're ultimately after) when they've pulled a horrific act of terrorism against the most defenceless of people on earth like this!!!?!
They have a gripe (and I refuse to be dragged in to whether it's a justified argument or not) with the Russian authorities because they want to be an independant country and rule themselves, but do the people they hope to lead really want to see them gain what they want by threatening to kill innocent children, teachers and parents??? How in Gods name can they hope to justify this particular course of action???

Lets just hope they all get out unscathed.


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Unfortunately they can always look back to past examples where some of the worst atrocities have led to demands being met, albeit somewhat further down the line. Examples such as the hotel bombings in Palestine carried out by terrorists who went on to lead their country's government many years later.
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Well done to our SAS for finally getting the international OK to go in and sort those geezers out.
The story is always that the local police or army went in to end the situation, but everyone knows that the boys from Hereford are the best HRT on the planet.
Never take credit, only hostage takers.

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I switched it on about half hour or so ago... shocking! :(

They've only just got all the kids out...
about 160 injured and 10 killed... 5 of the gang are dead too.

It's all madness... my thoughts and prayers go out to Russia at this very sad time... and it's still all far from over.


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I find things like this so hard to deal with, because unfortunately a part of me (a very large part) just wants to stick my head under a cushion until it all goes away. Then I think "no that's just cowardly", then I think "but what the hell can I do?"
There is no right answer most of the time. Yes, the situation in Chechnya is bad, yes the Russians have committed their own atrocites, but it can never, ever be right to inflict revenge on children.
Those children will now grow up with their own hatreds and fears and so the whole sorry cycle goes on and on.


I've been following the news, its awful - makes you wonder what the full outcome is going to be. I just hope no one else gets hurt or their lives taken away.

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