Russell Gray in Sydney


Hi all!

St Marys Band Club Brass Band are featuring world class cornet soloist Russell Gray in a concert on Saturday, 24th July.

Date: Saturday, 24th July
Time: Night time (PM me and I'll find out more details)
Venue: Parramatta Salvation Army Hall
Cost: I think it's FREE (again, PM me and I'll find out)

Parramatta SA Band will provide guest performances, with massed band numbers at the end.

So far the program will include

Trumpet Concerto (James)
The Children of Sanchez (Mangione arr. Gilje)
Post Horn Galop
A few solos from "The Arban Collection"
(I've heard that Russell will be playing the Arban Cornet, but I'm not 100% sure)

Meditation - Just As I Am (Heaton)
Intrada - Ein' Feste Burg (Farr)
Kaleidoscope (Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Bowen)
Festival March - Celebration (Condon)
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (Wagner arr. Himes)
Fest Musik der Stadt Wien (Strauss arr. Banks)

St Marys Band Club Brass Band is one of the best brass bands in Australia, and are the host of the annual Ern Keller International Soloist and Band of the Yaer competition.

Anyone holidaying in Sydney around then? Hope to see you there.


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