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The guidelines set out below are very similar to the original set of guidelines, but have received a slight “tweaking”, mostly in relation to dates and deadlines. For anyone who wishes to get their web site into the nomination process, check the WoM forum on or around the 1st of each month which is when the month’s nomination thread will be started.

And as always …. Have fun!

The Prizes:
  • A graphic tMP WWW Site of the Month award image to use on your www Site
  • An entry in the tMP WWW Site of the Month Roll Call
  • One month promotional banner on tMP
  • A tMP Interview for the Web Site Designer

  • 1st of month – nominations open
  • Last day of month – nominations close
  • 1st day of subsequent month poll commences
  • Last day of month poll closes
  • Last day of month – Winning site announced.
  • Nominations for the next web site of the month will open as polling commences for the month before.
  • The title of Web Site of the Month will be awarded for the month in which voting actually takes place, eg, the August site of the month, for which nominations would be received in July, will be announced on August 31st.
Nomination guidelines:
  • Only seconded nominations will be considered. The second must come from somebody who is not affiliated with the site being nominated. (We know this will be difficult to enforce, but please comply).
  • If the web site you nominated is selected for the final vote, it MUST be operational. If the web site or server is not running at the time the poll is set, then an alternate site will take its place. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • All seconded sites are then put forward for consideration by the tMP Team to make the final list'
  • Once a web site has been nominated, it must sit out a month before it can be nominated again.
  • When a web site wins, it cannot be nominated again for another year.
  • A good web site is based on whatever makes you happy.

  • When you make a nomination, please include the WWW site URL and also a reason why you have nominated the site.
  • Only 2 nominations or seconds or a combination thereof per member per month.
  • Only nominations for brass/musician/music related sites will be accepted.

Voting Guidelines:
  • Only 5 nominated and seconded sites will be entered into the final vote each month.

  • In the event of a tie, the casting vote will be given to John, TheMusicMan. The runner up will then be given a pass into the following month's poll.
  • As site can be disqualified or lose votes when:
  • The style of the site is changed during the voting period. The web site must maintain its general “look” throughout the month. This does not include necessary “updates”, such as news items, diary alterations etc.
  • The site must stay active for the whole month.
We consider the owner or any other person related to the site rallies for votes. This does not include just mentioning the fact that the site has been selected in the poll. Site features may also be posted in this thread.
General comments:
  • Please do not post accusations of cheating. Anyone who has a grievance should contact one of the tMP team.

  • As a last request: Please write only positive, constructive comments. If you must write something critical, please add an explanation of what you don’t like, and a suggestion as to how this may be improved.
  • If you have any suggestions for additional guidelines, please feel free to post them here.
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