Rugby. England v New Zealand


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Did anyone watch the rugby the other night? (England v New Zealand)
I just happen to be in NZ at the moment for the BB champs here and I watched the game with a heap of Kiwis! (They are a noisy lot!) Being an impartial Australian, I was wondering what other people thought of the game?


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I heard the game on the radio (only broadcast on satellite over here), and fair doos to the All Blacks they've really picked up there game. England have just lost the plot this year and need to get back to the drawing board (4 losses in 7 games so far is not good!).


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no number 1 in the world anymore either... I almost feel like someone should randomly break into song...


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*The Hills are alive, with the sound of..."

Anyway - re said rugby match (being also impartial) thought it was unfortunate that sending-off incident killed the game. Hard decision I think. I still think NZ would have won though...

Not to worry - Ireland got beaten too *sighs*


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I was even a little disapointed that England lost! I told the people I was watching the game with that I was going for England because at least they could beat Australia!
That send of was a bit dodgy. If anyone should have gone it should have been the number 3. He stamped right on the guys back just before the number 4 kneed him. The stamp was much worse!

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