RSS Feed has started sending multiple messages for new threads

Laserbeam bass

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I have an RSS feed set up to outlook created in the old tmp forum, and it started up again successfully. From yesterday, when Tubah started the thread "Practice Hall in Fife for around 4 o clock Saturday 8th of October" I received two notifications, and then when Ringa started the thread "scottish open 2011" I have received three notifications. The next two items were also sent three times

This is not a massive problem, but could become one if the number of messages per new thread increases on a regular basis.




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I also saw the doubling up of the Fife message in my RSS feed reader, but only saw one copy of all the others.

The RSS feed isn't actually sending items out twice - if you look at the raw feed data, each item only appears once, but something has happened to make your feed reader think that the items are different, and so you end up seeing multiple cached copies of them in your reader. I suspect (but I don't know for sure) that the items you are seeing as duplicate may have been edited between your RSS reader first reading them and then reading the feed some time later.

I often see this on other RSS feeds - especially news feeds where an editor may have fixed a typo or reworded something.