Royal revue


Hi all:)i have been asked to try and Locate a Sop part for the above mentioned Festival March, If anybody has news of where i can purchase a copy I would be delighted. looking forward to hearing from anyone with info Thanks:clap:


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Royal Review

I am also looking for this part I asked at the regional contest yesterday if i find it I will let you know


I bet he'd even sit Tacet to loudly!!!!:biggrin:
I will haqve you know i am a reformed character:oops: shy, quiet, and retiring,blending in on the back row at Cubbington:clap: How you doing Craig ??? and how is your band dont forget ""Have sop will travel "" Hoping to get a call from the Indian Ocean He He


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Dave my friend, all is good here thanks, be good to see you again sometime!! I'll have to add you to the bands facebook page, you can let me know if you can do anything then!