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What do you think should be done about Princess Anne's killer dog(s)? I read today that the dog attacked one of the staff at the palace after it had killed the other dog. I was shocked and appauled to further read that they are planning to send the dog to behaviour classes and that is it!!!!


Originally the story came out that Dotty had killed the Corgi having previously bitten a child last year. When that caused uproar the Palace quickly changed the report to state that another dog Florence had killed the Corgi, now Florence has bitten a maid at the Palace! Either way Prinxcess Ann owns 2 dogs who are obviously dangerous and not to be trusted.

Brian Kelly is correct in saying "If the dog belonged to anybody else it would have been put down"[/quote]


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IMHO there's no way the dog(s) should still be alive, and I'm an animal lover. I think its Princess Anne who needs to go to classes - and learn how to train/control dogs in the first place!

I think the old dog licence should be brought back, and operate on a system like the driving licences - points off for failure to vaccinate/look after an animal properly, or dogs' behaviour and loss of the licence if (like the Princess) it seems you can't control or care for an animal properly.


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Maestro said:
Personally, I vote for putting Pincess Anne down instead!

I thought thats who we were discussing when we said the dog whos a bit dotty needed putting down. I now realise the error of my ways - she's a horse of course.


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My first big state occasion when I joined the guards was Princess Anne's wedding, when we stood outside St James's Palace in the rain entertaining the crowds, and then listened over the radio to the Kneller Hall trumpeters, nice and warm inside the Abbey and being paid MU and Equity rates as well :twisted: :shock:

I think it is a pity that incidents like this undermine the good work carried out by some members of the Royal Family. They do seem very blinkered in some areas, and seem unable to conceive that "ordinary" people could be critical of the way they carry on.

I would agree that a full investigation should be carried out by the RSPCA and whoever else, and the appropriate action taken, just as you would with any other dog owner.

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why do people want to keep highly bred dangerous dogs? :eek: . give me my heinz 57 variety rescue dog called scrappy anytime! :lol:
I'm no dog lover - in fact there's only one variety I do actually like (King Charles Spaniel) so perhaps my view is a little biased. I hate to be the really boring one who points out that we only know what we are being fed by the media so that may not be entirely accurate. I belive in what has already been suggested, an independant RSPCS investigation should take place and appropriate actions carried out dependant upon the results.

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