Rondo, Horn Concerto, Strauss


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Anyone know where I can obtain a transcription of the Rondo from Strauss' Horn Concerto No1, arranged for tenor horn and band?
I think a few have been done over the years, although I seem to recall theres some sort of copyright problem.
I have a recording of Miles Davison playing it with CWS, and Tim Parker with Egon VB.
Ive been playing it for years with piano accompaniment (which is a monster for the pianist) and fancy playing it with band now. Any ideas where i can get hold of a copy, or do any of you writers out there fancy knocking out an arrangement!!!??? :lol:


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Try sending a pm to AndyCat of Faireys FP. Owen played this piece with them at their concert in January so he may be able to tell you where you can get it from. :)

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