Roger and his Eco-Lube!


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Where as I do not doubt Roger Websters integrity, I had to have a little smile at this letter on 4barsrest. I wonder if Mr Wilson owns one of the black valve-capped beasts!

Maybe a bad workman?

I was interested to read the article on Roger Webster's Eco-Lube, in which Mr Webster states that "I am very fussy and demanding as a customer and wouldn't recommend it unless I could do so with total confidence…I can!"

I think the proof may have to be in the pudding as for sometime now, Mr Webster has been recommending with total confidence the many sub-standard Besson Prestige cornets to come out of the Besson factory....

However, it does prove what a fantastic player he is if he can make the cornets seem remotely playable before they are distributed to the paying customers.

But maybe I'm just a bad workman...

Ian Wilson
As a personal friend of Roger's for many years, I have watched him play within the band. His valve technique is impeccable!
Most problems with valves are down to either poor maintainence and/or bad playing habits. On many occasions pupils and players, some of them very good, have asked me to sort their valves for them. I have played the instruments immediatley and found no problems.
Im not saying that the cornets are perfect, but before anyone cast judgement on Besson or more importantly my good friend. Try looking at the abovementioned first!

All the best with your instruments.

Billy Rushworth

P.s If there is anything seriously wrong with your instruments, I know from personal experience that Besson will only be too pleased to try and rectify the problem!


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I think the point being made was that the build quality of the Prestiges is not up to the expectations of certain players. Reportedly, Besson is having problems keeping up the quality standard whilst under pressure to fill orders. They are not the first brass manufacturer to have this problem (Selmer-Bach had QC issues with the Strad Troms I recall). I think Mr Websters endorsment (like all endorsments imho) should be taken with a pinch of salt - how can anyone vouch for the standard of every instrument produced? I don't think it casts any shadow on Roger's reputation, it's just business.

If a top player wishes to recommend a manufacturer that has provided them with a good service, then fine. I think most endorsees have some kind of incentive to endorse a product (free instrument / product), which the individual consumer should consider. At the end of the day you are not Roger Webster, what works for him might not work for you.


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This is my first post after a friend referred me to this web-site so be kind.

In response to the emails regarding my comment on 4barsrest I'd just like to say yes, John, I and a few other members of the band I play with use Besson prestiges, and other instruments from the prestige range. To say we have had a few teething problems is putting it politely.

And to VenusTromster - I didn't mention anything about valves in my comment - to be honest, the valves on my cornet have been one of the few things I haven't had trouble with. And, in terms of judging your good friend - the only way I've judged him is by saying what a fabulous player he is, so I apologise for any offence caused by this terrible statement...

I know Besson are happy to help with the instruments that come out of the factory - but should people, spending quite a lot of money, really need to return instruments 2, 3, 4 or maybe even 5 times to be rectified further ?

Would people stand for this sort of thing if it was a new car that they were buying ? I dare say that the car company in question would appear on Top Gear sooner or later....

We as 'banders' are obviously far too polite.

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