Do you like marching jobs

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We still have space for Eb Bb bass. We have 2Eb 1Bb at the mo, but only 1 can march.

Always on the look out for committed cornets.

Anyone is welcome to come for a blow (brass players) or bang (shed builders)

or just come for a drink in our bar after band.

Any players that are willing, to help out on marching jobs, (or any jobs) please email, or IM with contact number and instrument. (MD) (BM)

Many thanks

The friendly world of brass banding and no one in the north is prepared to help out another band.

Is it the MARCHING bit that’s putting you all off???????
Thank you

May I say thank you to those that have replied offering help on engagements.

your numbers have been added to the little black book.

many thanks again.
Tut Tut

not do them they are such a good earner for bands.

We are havin probs at the mo not always getting a full band. but there is so few brass bands that march these days.

it dos'nt help some bands charging to little as well!!!!!

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