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I think we need to put some context on this.

The original poster was commented on the price of the weekend not the value for money. He could have not made a rod for his own back if he had mentioned, that the quoted prices were in excess of £100 more than last yr, for similar accomdation.

As a result you do have to justify such an increased spend year on year.

Noone questions Butlins need to make money from the weekend, and to be honest, they do it through the bar, however some of the horror stories I heard regarding bars closing last yr seemed poor business sense to me.

Butlins are a business, and like most business you have to change/adjust your spend and realisation profile for the mood of the economy. Fact, people are struggling at the moment, Fact, thee is less money floating around. Fact, if you need to tighten you belt on the nice to haves, then I would rather save my £300 quid for a weekend in Janaury in Skegness and spend it on a holiday in the sun later in the year.

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This thread is resurrected in a new form once a year, and yet this year there were 84 senior bands present, and 14 youth/junior ensembles. in 2011 there were 73 senior bands. Admittedly, the top section was increased from 10 to 12, but that still means that 9 further bands entered this year. Apart from the Regionals, not sure that any other contest can boast this number of bands attending, or the 15% increase in the number of senior bands. I wonder how many have entered this year. The cost may be more than last year, but so is your car insurance, mortgage/rent and various other items that are necessary to your well being.

If it were a simple case of everyone finding it too expensive, then the number of bands would decrease, the prize money would drop and the attendance would probably shrink in relation to the prize money, and we'd end up with another Pontin's.

As it stands the contest is going from strength to strength, and IMO will continue to be supported by bands from all over. There may well come a time when the cost of staying at Butlin's outweighs the time and effort in getting the band there, but until that day comes, I will continue to attend, if playing.

It is not somewhere I would go if I weren't playing though. At that point I would take Bones advice and save the money for a sunny holiday :)


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It is not somewhere I would go if I weren't playing though. At that point I would take Bones advice and save the money for a sunny holiday :)

I'm going but not playing this year :-?, I have a great time there wether playing or not really missed not going last year. I always enjoy it, yes it's a bit pricey but its also good fun, my only gripe is that its in term time ( would be nice to stay the sunday night ) but I understand why it is when it is!.
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