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I received an email from these people.

Has anyone else been approached or does anyone know anything about them?

I have put the main text of the first email below.

A question from the mods - are they allowed to mail members like this?

We are contacting you regarding an exciting and profitable sales opportunity. Having played with Brass Bands in the UK for numerous years (latterly Percussionist with Brighouse & Rastrick, I moved to the USA in March earlier this year. I'm now getting involved in the Brass Band movements (albeit limited) in the US, and have started working with my business partner and Lawyer, John Zwolanek in supplying music to the US and worldwide by electronic means.

Our company, rightnowmusic.com, distributes sheet music over the internet instantly.

This gives the customer:

Access to your music in distant and rural locations
Ability to purchase limited sections, such as an extra part or score
Immediate delivery

This offers you:

q Multiple additional markets instantly, such as the U.S., Japan, and Australia

q More profit – by eliminating postage, printing and inventory costs

q NEVER having a piece “out of stock”

q Additional customer service, such as study scores, sample parts, listening tools, and performer rankings and comments

As a composer/arranger/publisher, you know how difficult it is to get the recognition you want, reach all potential customers economically and easily, and to deliver promptly. We at rightnowmusic.com are simply here to assist you in providing just those benefits. With no costs to you, we act simply as an additional retail source for your works. We price music at equal or greater amount to you the retailer, which means that you get your price and commission exactly the same as you do now.

They do seem to have 4 or 5 pieces of James McFadyen's music on there.

Naomi McFadyen

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Yes I had emails from them too and I think it is worth giving them a go... If anything it should help get your music around the world! :lol: but it does sound like a promising project...
Having "e-chat" with them they seem like a good bunch of people, so I'm giving them a chance... It isn't often that people give us "new" composers and arrangers a chance to shine!

As for getting contact details from the site, if you didn't want people getting in touch you wouldn't leave your email address etc on here in the first place ;-) That's the whole point in this forum.

I've spoken to James about this whole project and he definatly thinks it's worth doing and getting people on board... so I can blame him if it all goes pear-shaped ;-) :lol: :p


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Naruco said:
As for getting contact details from the site, if you didn't want people getting in touch you wouldn't leave your email address etc on here in the first place ;-) That's the whole point in this forum.

*Holds left hand out in front palm down. Slaps self sharply on wrist with right hand. Picks self up by right ear and mutters Doh!*

:oops: :oops: :oops:

Nigel Hall

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I had the same email and after talking to and meeting Mark whilst he was over in the UK MMI Music have signed up with them. Initially they will be loading nearly 40 of our pieces with more to follow.

I think this is an exciting opportunity and may be the way that music publishing will go in the future.


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I know Mark pretty well and it seems to be his new business venture since he emigrated in March.

I'll be giving it a go!

Rach x


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Hopefully this will take off and will be tremendously successful for him but... I would much prefer that he contacts tMP'ers by supporting us through sponsoring a banner on the site, rather than (ab)using tMP as a free contact/distribution list.

Good luck with it though.
Dear All,

Thank you all for your comments, and hopefully Mike, we have given you some confidence in this new project.

Like I said in my email to you, we are no way planning to undercut or undermine any of your own distribution and publishing work, but we are here quite simply to offer you an additional outlet electronically.

We have a good and professional team in place here in the US, and without any risk to anybody, we envisage this to be the new way in music distribution. All composers and publishers will determine the RRP of each musical works, and the benefit then is that your customers will have the opportunity to receive their order immediately. It saves you both time and money in having to print and post your orders. It also saves your customers any additional costs in having to pay the postage, and having to wait for the mail to arrive ! Less hassle and cost for your customers, means hopefully more orders for you !

If anybody does have any questions with regards to this project, please feel free to contact me direct on: mark@rightnowmusic.com

In the meantime, please also watch our "work in progress" at: www.rightnowmusic.com/catalog

We will let you know when we go "Live".

Kind regards

All at rightnowmusic.com
rightnowmusic.com: Sponsorship of TMP

Hi John,

Just to let you know that is most definately our intention to assist TMP with the running of your site through sponsorship in the form of a banner.

Please email me at: mark@rightnowmusic.com with further details, and I'll have my IT guys contact you with a banner design etc.

We will be looking to start this as soon as the site goes "live"......

Thanks for your comments.


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