Richard & Judy !

Anyone else see Richard and Judy this evening.

Their first item was about the initiative by Youth Music and Classic FM (see
to get young people playing large brass instruments.

David Childs was there, but couldn't play because of a recent hernia op.
There was a Euph player called Amy/Aimee :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: along with a tuba player and 4? trombonists.

There was a cringe making moment, when Richard, in his eagerness to have a go, took hold of a cornet by the mouthpiece! Yes, he was left holding the mouthpiece as the rest crashed to the floor :?

I hope I am not the only sad person here who watches R&J :oops:



I watched it as well :oops: :oops: .
I thought the Trombones could have played something more lively!

I cringed as well when I heard that tell tale clang.


yeah i was just on the phone to my friend and started squeeling when I realised Stephen Haynes from NYBB was on the telly (sporting a very dodgy mullet I must add!!)


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Just read that classic fm endangered page, makes some interesting points:

Tubas usually have three valves

When you play C on an E flat tuba, it actually sounds like an E flat on any normal instrument
What is a tuba then if it's not a normal instrument??!! :?

Avoid standing the instrument on its bell as this can cause extensive damage and ensure that you use the correct fitting stand for your instrument
Is this true??

Also take a look at this!

Not entirely sure as to the point of it, but mine has now got 3% ability and 3% enthusiasm!!!


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That tubagotchi things quite interesting actually! :roll: :D I've logged on, I think it's kinda cool!
Cheers for posting the details about the endangered species thing, I might try for a grant when I go to music college.


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Seems Richard & Judy are the perfect celebrities for tMP event next year then. He has been seen dropping a cornet and she gets her baps out in public. Sounds like every pub I've ever been in after the area's.


Can't believe i missed it!! I usually have it on while making the tea.
Watched it earlier in the week where they had a bit on about toys and they had a cuddly Nemo. Richard couldn't remember the name of the film and judy said 'I know, its Saving Private Nemo'!!!!!!!


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They're not doing well...

The only major decision you will have to make when choosing to learn the trombone is what clef to learn, and this is determined primarily by what kind of musical group you ultimately want to play in. Trombone music for orchestras and wind bands is written in the bass clef (like the left hand of the piano) at the correct pitch. However, trombone music for brass bands is written in the treble clef and transposed accordingly. Generally speaking, though, unless you are specifically planning on joining a brass band, the bass clef is recommended.

umm... how about tenor and alto, I might let them off with alto, but tenor clef is used all over the place!

wider range than a horn or a trumpet

I think some horn and trumpet players might dispute that...

Since the late 16th century there have been three sizes of trombone, the alto, tenor and bass

Just because the contrabass sounds like a chainsaw, doesn't mean it's not a trombone! And there are at least 3 sizes of bass trombone I can think of!

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