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Some advice/opinion from y'all please. We (that is Walsall Library) are having Richard Evans to come and talk about his autobiography "Dick the Stick" and do book signing at the Central Library in Walsall, probably Thursday 16th June at 7pm, but not finalised yet. Do members think that local bandspeople would come to this type of event so I can judge the potential response? Would be interested to hear what you think.

Thanks, Binky
Having played under Dick on more than several hundred occasions, I can safely say that his reputation does preceed him... :lol:

I would certainly advertise the fact to all bands in your area (and even those further away)... You never know... he might even "volunteer" his services in a rehearsal or 2.... hehehehe

Mark :D


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I think Winsconsin is a bit far, but yeah I'm now in process of contacting all local ones..hopefully they'll be enthusiatic...we're talking of having a small brass group to 'do a bit' at the beginning or end..praps he'll 'demonstrate' on them!!! :)


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Anyone who has experienced Dickie Evans will probably rush to your event. He is extremely funny, very witty and incredibly knowledgeable.

I wish I was closer.


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Good luck with the event. I know it will be a success. Saw the one and only Mr Evans conducting Grimethorpe in Norwich last night. Absolutely superb concert in terms of entertainment and that continued when the music stopped, Richard Evans is the master compere.

Brought the book (which he was more than happy to sign) and have found it hard to put down!


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Naturally, I too have a copy of the book, and finished reading it this afternoon, having started it on Sunday morning!!! It really is a fascinating read, as I'm sure anyone else who has a copy of it will agree!
Just make sure that it is advertised in the banding and local press.

Add it to the calendar of events on here and send press releases to 4barsrest, Brass Band World, The Bandsman and the Brass Herald and put it on the User Submitted News Items on here.

I would agree that Richard is brilliant but people need to know about it.

I'm sure it will be a great evening, good luck.

Alex K


Yes, yes and thrice yes!!!

He was our professional for a couple of years and has to be one of the most charismatic, witty and well respected personality in the banding community.

Top bloke!!


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Thanks to everyone for your helpful and encouraging comments..will do all the things you've suggested. :)

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