I shall ignore the cheap line about the cornet section. Don't confuse quality with quantity! As for Mildred (who calls him that?) having his own website, not yet he doesn't. The guys who asked me to build it haven't yet come up with the content for the www.cornethero.com site. Hopefully they will come up with the data ASAP.


rach marriott said:
I think he's suffering! :? Do you remember your curry this time? :lol:
Erm... vaguely yes! Dont remember anyone squeezing oranges over my head! Fell asleep in the car on the way home though! :shock:

P.S. I wasn't driving at the time!


Thanks for your comments Twigglet. They're appreciated and thanks for coming to watch. It was great to meet Roger too.
You're right about Andy our principal cornet player. We're very lucky to have him . He's a brilliant player and a really fantastic , modest guy!
(not like Jimothy and Robbie!!).


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aimee_euph said:
Any updates on 3rd Section results yet?!
Here you go - hope I'm not too late ;)

1. Beaumaris 'B'
2. Conwy Town
3. Hoover (Bolton)
4. Goldborne
5. Greenall's
6. Audley Brass
7. Royal Buckley Town

Colin K

Results: Rhyl Festival of Brass 2003

Winning ways for Beaumaris, Wire and United Co-op

Sunday 22nd June 2003
Contest Director: Del Thomas

Adjudicator: Malcolm Brownbill

Third Section

1. Beaumaris ‘B’, Paul Hughes
2. Conwy Town Band, Keith Jones
3. Hoover (Bolton) Band, Chris Wormald

Best Soloist: Cornet with Beaumaris ‘B’
Best Percussion: Hoover (Bolton) Band

Winning Musical Director: Paul Hughes

Second Section
Adjudicator: David Hirst

1. Wire Brass, Paul Andrews
2. Llanrug Band, Gavin Saynor
3. Deiniolen, Roger Thorn

Best Soloist: Cornet with Llanrug
Best Percussion: Wire Brass

Open Section

1. United Co-op Band (Crewe), Jef Sparkes
2. Haydock Band, Ian Brownbill
3. Pemberton Old Wigan Band, Nick Shepard
4. Wrexham Brass, Wayne Ruston

Best Soloist: Cornet with United Co-op Band
Best Percussion: Wrexham Brass
Best Euphonium: Tyldesley Band