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Dave Payn

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Just thinking, I know we can put our own personal reviews of CDs on here as and when, but rather like 4barsrest, can't we have an 'official' tMP team of reviewers (such as Peter Bale, who does this on 4br already and maybe add the likes to straightmute and the mods to any 'team') so that the brass CDs (be they band or ensemble) can have the 'official' tMP seal of approval (or otherwise!)

What do you reckon, mods?


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Whilst I am all in favour of people posting reviews on tMP, I'm not so sure about setting up anything formal. One question would be that of getting the review copies in the first place: 4barsrest get sent copies through for review, partly because they sell cds through the site, but also presumably because of the numbers of people who log on. Whilst we can be justly proud of themouthpiece and our growing numbers, I don't somehow think we're anywhere near their size yet!

Even if there was a team of reviewers established, I don't feel we could ever say we were able to give anything "the tMP seal of approval". Every reviewer can only look at a recording and see how it measures up to their own personal expectations, and then try to put across the review in such a way that the readers can make up their own minds. As I've said before, I have occasionally bought a recording that the reviewer has obviously take a dislike to, because it seemed likely to appeal more to my tastes than it did to him. Also, because I do undertake some reviews for 4barsrest, I would not be able to cover the same items here - just post a link to their review :wink:

I would however encourage tMPers to post a review on here when they get a new recording - help us all to spend our money :shock: :!: :lol:


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Would tend to agree with Peter.
We did have this discussion at a mods meeting many moons ago (wayhey m's) and what came out of it at that time was that we wouldn't impose an "official tMP opinion" - based on the fact that one of the strengths of tMP is it's member diversity. We're a discussion site - we're supposed to have different opinions.

4BR have a single identity. Our single identity is much more diverse ;)

Would more than encourage members to post their own reviews though. Anything that encourages discussion is a Good Thing, in my opinion.
onedrummeruk said:
Oh and God Forbid upseting the MIGHTY 4 bars rest. :roll:

They don't seem quite so mighty to me at the moment.
They seem a bit slow off the mark with some of their news items and concert reviews.


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You may have misunderstood me, Mark

My point was rather that we thought that if I (say) was doing "an official tMP review", who was I to dictate the opinion of every tmpmember.

If we want "an official tmp review" we thought the best thing to do was to have a poll on it. That way, everyone has a say - which is important to us.

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