Review - Hercules Inst. Stand, DS552B (Tuba, Euph, Bari)

Jack E

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Having sold some old railway lamps on E-bay, I decided to treat my bari to a proper stand, instead of the heavily padded guitar stand I've been using until now.

A couple of months back, I bought a stand advertised as suitable for a baritone from a company in Germany, a Cantabile Classic - unfortunately, it only fits a German-style baritone, which - being curved - is much wider than an English baritone, so even at minimum width setting, the stand was several inches too wide. The one I've just bought is a Hercules DS552B, shown here:


First impressions were when the postman said "It's a bit heavy, mind!" - he wasn't kidding. On opening the box and pulling it out, I can see why it's called the Hercules . . . it looks and feels as though it was designed to be fully up to the weight and size of a BBb tuba, and no messing. The legs are adjustable for angle, so though I've got them on a pitch circle of about 20" diameter (50cms), which gives ample stability with my baritone on board, there is plenty of adjustment left to open them up a lot more to lower a tuba and increase the circle of support if you wish, and I've no doubt it would be rock steady. My baritone looks like it's cradled by a chunk they nicked out of the Forth Bridge . . .

The instructions on the box are not quite clear about how to engage the locking pin which holds the horizontal arm in position, but after a few seconds of fiddling, I got it done. The support arms are covered in a stiff foam rubber / plastic, which the makers say is formulated to avoid marring instrument finish, and it looks and feels the right consistency to cushion the instrument without being too soft and squashing flat.

Re. the size adjustment; I have the width between the support brackets at minimum, but then my bari is a John Packer 173, medium bore, with an 8" bell - so probably as small a baritone as you can get - nonetheless, it is perfectly secure. I also found by adjusting the height of the longer support arm, I could set it so that the radius of the support bracket matched that of the bell where the two touched, making the instrument feel really stable on the stand, with no tendency to rock about.

I bought it from 1 to 1 Music, in Belfast, via E-bay; placed the order with them just two days ago, and it arrived today (ahead of their estimate of tomorrow or Thursday) - and another bonus; it was the lowest priced baritone stand I could find anywhere :)

Anyone want to buy an adjustable guitar stand? ;)


In case anybody's wondering, I have no connection with 1 to 12 Music, except as a very satisfied customer.


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I have had one of these Hercules stands for several years and my EEb Bass sits quite happily, and safely, on it although I wrap a towel over the top arm for extra cushioning. I thought I might be able to use it in the bandroom to save lifting the Bass up and down but it never got further than my back room. Solid, but heavy.


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I have two of these stands. which I use for BBb, Eb and F tubas. In a Brass Band or Orchestra setting, the tuba (or sometimes tubas, as I sometimes use two different tubas in one Orchestra concert) sits on the stand, when I'm not playing. I also use one of them for a King BBb Symphony Bass with recording (forward) bell when playing in "traditional jazz" or "Dixieland" bands. In these settings, the tuba stays on the stand while I play these gigs, which are generally 2 - 4 hours. I have an inexpensive barstool, with about 4 inches cut off the legs, and it raises me to the right height to play the tuba as it sits on the stand.

I bought the first one about 8 years ago, and bought the second one a couple of years later. I've modified them only by placing rubber "crutch tips" over the ends of one of the padded supports (the "U" shaped part that's farthest to the left in the photots above), to prevent the stand scratching the bottom of the tubas.

Jack E

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I've modified them only by placing rubber "crutch tips" over the ends of one of the padded supports (the "U" shaped part that's farthest to the left in the photots above), to prevent the stand scratching the bottom of the tubas.
That's a good idea, Jim - and thank you for the tip. There's a shop in town where they sell walking sticks and those rubber buffers to go on the bottom, so I'll get a couple this weekend.

With best regards,

Jack E


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Those rubber crutch tips come in different sizes, to fit crutches, canes, etc. of different diameters. I'm trying to remember what diameter I purchased. I suggest starting with tips for a 1/2-inch crutch or cane, and be sure you can return them for a different size if my guess is wrong...