Returning to Group Playing, What’s your Band doing?

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That seems a well-balanced viewpoint, 2T. Compassion and optimism are what will see us through in mental health good enough to look the facts in the face without flinching.
Thank you for you kind comments. ‘Facing the facts without flinching’ and ‘grasping the nettle’ is no doubt the right way forward, the way to go. However, I’m also sure that many of us feel so worn and bruised by the last year that such an approach feels beyond what we can support - or rather we can no longer envisage ourself being able to support such an effort. I guess that it’s now a case of one small step in front of another, towards the ‘pin prick’ of light at the end of the tunnel - I doubt that I’ll be the only one limping over the finishing line.

I listened to our PM this afternoon, as he addressed Parliament.

Provided I heard and understood correctly, and provided things go to plan, we should nationally be out of lockdown measures by the end of June.

If I was a Fete organiser than I might just be cautious about rushing out to make plans but, at the moment, restarting indoor rehearsals in July doesn’t seem to be too optimistic and outdoor rehearsals might be allowable from late May. At last, something to look forward to.
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