Returning to Group Playing, What’s your Band doing?

2nd tenor

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CV19 is still with us but for the moment at least in a very much contained and regulated way ... off course it may all go pear shaped again. The last six months has flown by but in a very different way as there’s been no banding here or rather none that I’ve engaged in. My own Band has looked at small group playing and as far as I know that’s worked well enough. Personally I’m reluctant to unnecessarily mix with others but respect their choice to do so (provided that they do so in a controlled and well thought out way).

My Band has plans to return to group playing, a route towards it but no dates. I wonder what plans for and progress towards that goal other Bands have made for returning to playing?


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We have our own bandroom, with a good sized floor area - 12m x 7m. We're going to start back with very small groups (6) and work up to small groups (15). Windows wide open for ventilation, using bell covers, hard plastic seats to be wiped down before and after, etc, to mitigate risk. It'll be a faff, but it'll be much better than nothing.