Results From Skegness

ooops!...........I have my head in a cupboard full of junk obviously.............found it second time, many thanks.......I'll have myself flogged.
Butlins Mineworkers

I would like to say well done to KIRKBY COLLIERY BAND for winning the fourth section yesterday at the first ever Butlins Mineworkers!!!!!
It was a great day, great testpiece to play!
Well done band, now lets look forward to 2004!!

Craig Anderson
2nd Baritone Kirkby Band
Butlins Mineworkers Fourth Section Champions :D


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Well done to ALL bands that took place in the contest :wink:
When do the Champ section results be announced?



Thanks Rick, just got back now and have had such a good weekend. The contest was wicked but I have to say the Keith Harris and Orville/Chuckles show on the Saturday night was a big highlight for me :wink:

Jo x


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Looks like Snibdon are on a roll ... a win at Leicester, a win at Butlins ... well done to them! :tup


The Champ section results are now available by the above link.

The reason they are a day late was because their section was split into two events. The test piece yesterday, and an entertainments part today. The results are the two combined.


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Are these the actual results, does anyone know, as al the number's are in a weird order!?

"The Championship Section
2. Carlton Main Frickley
1. Desford Colliery
4. Ever Ready
5. Newstead Welfare
3. Thoresby Colliery UK Coal"
Well done 2 all the bands who took part, eseciallly my little sisters band Dinnington who were 2nd in the 4th section:) great weekend, really enjoyed it n lookin 4ward 2 next year!!

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