Respighi a composer I know little about, but I been listening to Howard Snells arrangement of the March from the Pines of Rome. Does anybody know of any more works of his that transfer well to brass band. :?:


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check out the BBS recording " Pines of Rome " doyen...he transcribed the " Roman Festivals " for the NYBBGB.
and the whole of the pines of rome has been transcribed too , I played it with the National youth Brass Band of Wales in 1995..
great music..most of it available from Kirklees ( Rakeway music )


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William Gordon has arranged some, if not all, of Respighi's "Church Windows", which was recorded by Intrada Brass on an all-Gordon cd entitled "Apocalypse for Brass". For me Respighi is quite under-rated, and he was definitely a master at orchestration, with colourful works such as "Belkis, Queen of Sheba" standing up at least as well as much better known exotica by Rimsky-Korsakov et al.

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I think quite a lot of Respighi's music would transcribe well for BB. However, one must remember that when the 70 year copyright period replaced the 50 year copyright period in 1996, Respighi's copyright 'resumed' until 2008 (so expect a plethora of Respighi- related brass band stuff then. Most, if not all of Howard Snell's arrangement of the complete PoR and Roman Festivals appeared when Respighi was out of copyright under the old 50 year rule (i.e. beween 1988-1996)). Though arrangements of copyright music appear and are granted by the copyright owners, some estates and copyright owners can be a bit choosy, which is why there's precious little brass band arrangements of the works of Richard Strauss, Kurt Weill, Maurice Ravel (who also went out of copyright and came back in) and I believe, Ottorino Respighi.

I'm not putting on my 'copyright' cap necessarily, merely explaining a few 'situations' from my own experience as an arranger and PRS employee! ;-)

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