Resounding Brass

Dave Payn

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Does anyone know of this group? Do they still exist? They contributed a few tracks to a BBC Songs of Praise Christmas CD a few years back and appeared playing much the same stuff on a CD entitled O Come Let Us Adore Him on the Herald label. Being a curious old sod where brass ensembles are concerned (or, if you like, 'anorak') I tried to find out more about them but haven't been able to, save someone mentioning (on these boards, I think) that it was run by the trombonist Roger Harvey. Any more info about them greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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They are listed as taking part in a Christmas concert with Winchester Cathedral Choir this year. It may, of course, be a working name for an ad-hoc group just put together for the occasional concert.

Dave Payn

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Many thanks for your replies thus far, Peter and Railton. I hope that they continue on whatever basis. What I've heard of them so far sounds pretty impressive!

Thanks again


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