Resizing pictures to use as Avatars


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I have a picture which is 150 x 188 pixels and 21.4bytes big. How can I resize it to make it the 15bytes and 100 x 100 pixels so I can use it as my avatar?
It's not a photo but a jpeg picture


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send it to me roy, I'll take care of it for you..

neal at themouthpiece dot com


i'm really stuck too! im sorry to be a pain but ive honestly spent ages trying to resize it! any chance you could tell me how its done please keppler?!?! :oops:


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Theres a great bit of free software available from t'internet..

Irfanview its great!! You can do all the simple things that you should be able to do with the free windows imaging software but can't!


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1) Get yourself some image editing software - there are many available, some expensive, some not. If you want a free one, I recommend the GIMP, which also has a windows port, available Here
2) Open up your image in said software
3) Resize your image to something around 80*80 pixels, preserving the aspect ratio of height to width.
4) Save as a .jpg so that the size of the new file is as small as you can easily make it.
5) Hot link to tMP (preferred) or upload to tMP.


1a) Send the image to Kepps, and he'll do it for you (neal at themouthpiece dot co dot uk)

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